What is the best book to start studying data analytics?

What is the best book to start studying data analytics?

I am sure you will find many blogs that will provide a list of best book to start studying data analytics. Like many, I was one of them who had a hard time understanding analytical concepts. If you can relate to me, then you are at the right place.

I have started many books. I was not able to finish many of them because they were hard for me graph. Some of them were unusually long. Kindle then suggested me a book called Numsense. Understanding analytics became a lot easier. The examples in the books are clear to understand. You could use the reference in this book to explain any concepts to anyone.

After reading this book, understanding articles and other advanced books will become more comfortable. Moreover, you will start enjoying the subject and indulge yourself in learning more.

Numsense covers a variety of topics such as Regression Analysis, Machine Learning, k-NN and Anomaly detection, SVM’s, Decision Tree, Randon Forest, Neural Networks and others. The topics mentioned in this book are sufficient to give a good understanding of each of the methods and in which situations they are applied.

Numsense is not entirely sufficient for you to learn the methods and start applying it directly to competitions such as Kaggle. You will have to further gain mastery on any one of the statistical tool such as Python, R or SAS. Then you need to work on data manipulation skills to bring the raw data in shape you can apply statistical methods.

You may not understand some terms such as Gradient Boosting and some other terms if you are just getting into this field. However, you can google those terms an continue reading the topics. You can rest assured you will not miss anything. As you knowledge increases, you will be able to understand better.

You can get this on Kindle for Rs. 99 (approximately $2) or if you are an Amazon Unlimited Subscriber you can read it for free. The hard copy is costly (Rs. 1940 or $30). Even if you do not have a kindle, I highly suggest you get the Kindle app on your mobile and purchase a soft copy.

If you have decided to buy the book and read it, then please do not forget to mention it in the comment section below.




Kunaal is an Analytics Practitioner, Lifeaholic Evangelist, YouTuber, Learner Writer, and Apprentice Philosopher. He blogs on funxexcel.com about how to use Excel in a fun way and also how to get into Analytics.
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