Do not get trapped by the Infinity Stone while looking for job in Analytics

Often we find ourselves in a loop doing the same things expecting a different result in every attempt. It is similar to hitting the wall multiple times knowing you cannot go forward anymore.

Is it a thinking flaw or are we too lazy to identify we have fallen in the influence if the Infinity Stone?

I often find many of my friends and acquaintances using the same tricks over and over again while looking for a job in the field of Analytics.

1. What worked for someone, might not work for you.

2. If you feel you Resume is complete, think again.

3. Your Resume is not a constant; it should be journal-like, you need to update it every week incrementally.

4. As a fresher showcase the problems you have solved.

5. Do not forget to show the entire document(on GitHub) including the iterations you have experimented.

6. Read as many Job Descriptions as you can and learn stuff that you don’t know. It may not always be Analytics Stuff.

7. Most importantly, if you don’t find yourself in a position to find an Analytics job change your strategy objectively. Do more of what works and stop those that do not.


Kunaal is an Analytics Practitioner, Lifeaholic Evangelist, YouTuber, Learner Writer, and Apprentice Philosopher. He blogs on about how to use Excel in a fun way and also how to get into Analytics.
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